Quiet Transformation is a space of tremendous ease in a striving world. Offering yoga classes, online courses, workshops, and Caribbean retreats, we bring a deep commitment to the practice of self-care.

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Radical Self Care Retreat

February 10-17, 2018

Away from daily life distractions and external goals, this retreat is a perfect opportunity for you to delve deep into self-discovery and gain clarity on what really drives and inspires you. You will return home refreshed and bursting with the energy of your unforgettable island adventures. But best of all, by the end of this retreat, you will have designed an actionable and flexible plan for transforming your day-to-day life into a graceful, purposeful, and deeply satisfying experience.

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Who is Maria Hykin?

As a yoga and meditation teacher, Maria embodies the knowledge and inspiration needed to create a safe and tranquil space for your transformation. Her mission is to ensure that your trip is a meaningful experience. She will help you gain clarity and shape your life into one you will truly enjoy.

In her past life as a chief of administration at a Manhattan-based consulting firm, Maria was an expert in workplace relationships & talent management. In 2010, she traded her executive boardroom in New York City for an oceanfront one-bedroom on Cozumel. Now she calls this island her home and will be happy to share its magical secrets with you. Maria’s brilliant hosting skills will take all the worry and guesswork out of your trip, making you feel like a local.

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I spent a lifetime believing self-care was a shameful notion. Synonymous with self-centered. Maria’s beautifully planned and executed retreat on the breathtaking island of Cozumel has changed my perspective. Self-care is what needs to occur before fully caring for anyone else. I have been quietly transformed.

- Jennifer Mann

Maria has an absolute gift for creating a nurturing atmosphere of palpable tranquility. After one of her yoga classes, I always come away feeling a sweet softness, more present to the world within and without. If stress is getting you down, check out her live streamed yoga classes on Facebook where you can hear the tropical birds in the background of her home studio in Cozumel. Better yet, book a flight and go experience her magic in person!

- Alyssa Burtt

Yoga with Maria and the island of Cozumel is a magical combination that I daydream about when the day is grey and the future seems bleak. Maria is an extraordinary yoga (and life) teacher, seeker of knowledge, and connector of truth. I know I will be returning to retreats with Maria often… because my life depends on it.

- Alice Carpenter

What surprised me is that I could allow myself to think about me, and that was not a selfish thing. I realized I could relax deeply and fully. It was as if someone gave me a gift.

- Zazzu Z

Retreating with Maria is a carefully curated experience with complete attention to individual. Through welcoming and freeing yoga, Maria brings you through the portal of fear into peace and confidence.

- Chris Carpenter